Glossary of Terms

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To remove by erosion, evaporation or vaporization.

Accommodative Intraocular Lens

A permanent lens replacement that functions similar to the natural eye. After surgical insertion the eye can focus on near, intermediate or far objects. Often glasses will not be needed following the surgery.


The eye's ability to change its focus from distance to near objects, a process achieved when the lens changes shape.

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

A disorder of the coordination between the eye and the brain, usually beginning in childhood that causes the body to prefer one eye over the other, leading to unequal vision.


A congenital condition in which the iris is absent or partially absent. May also result from trauma to the eye.

Anterior Chamber

The space in front of the iris and behind the cornea. This space is filled with aqueous humor.

Aqueous Humor

Clear, watery fluid that flows between and nourishes the lens and cornea.


A condition that occurs when an uneven curvature of the eye causes light to be refracted (bent) unevenly, resulting in distorted vision.

Binocular Vision

The blending of separate images seen by each eye into a single image, allowing images to be seen with depth perception. Must have two eyes working together.


A chronic inflammatory condition of the eyelids, common in children and adults, which causes redness, burning, itching, swollen and crusty lid margins and dry-eye symptoms.

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